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Healing that takes place at
the root is freeing

Counseling-Coaching-Caring. Confidential & Inviting Atmosphere.

We are a counseling ministry based on God’s truth and prayer to “Heal Life’s Hurts” at the root of the problem.

Healing at the place of pain brings lasting freedom, purpose and hope, as well as giving tools for fruitfulness.

A spirit-filled, Christ-centered
body of believers

We exist to glorify God, serve the body of Christ and advance the Kingdom of God.

Our mission as a Bible-based counseling ministry is to facilitate the healing, teaching, and equipping of individuals, couples, and families through the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Using creative arts to
commune with God & others

Glory Gazing Ministries uses art, the language of the heart, to draw people into a deeper relationship with God.

We help others learn the language of visual arts so that they may be empowered to discover the very heart of God.

Empowering survivors of sex trafficking to flourish & thrive

Join us as we shine a light on the darkness of trafficking through trauma-informed mentorship, awareness, and prevention education.

Hope Inspire Love fights sex trafficking & sexual exploitation in 3 strategic ways: Outreach & Awareness, Prevention, and Trauma-Informed Mentorship.

Pioneering Life

We value the Pioneer spirit, which means equipping and walking with people on their journey to find their purpose and passion in our community.

We will always keep in mind the why that drives us to do what we do, which will then shape how we do it.